Car Removal

If you want to get rid of your scrap car and get fast cash for it so you have to just make us a call or get online services by filling the request form on your right hand side and the best thing are you can also get online booking services anytime.

Our car removal service is trustable and having customer handling experience for a long time. We are the best in scrap car removal in Auckland because we have experience, best cash rewards and easy procedure that helps you to get rid of your scrap car and we will tow your junk car or any other vehicle away. There are no towing charges at all!

Cash for Cars Auckland Company won’t let your junk spoil the beauty of your yard, as our team will immediately tow it away for free. Our Free car removal service team is always there to help you out.

When we tow your unwanted junk car we remove all the dangerous fuels and the engine and transmission will be removed tyres and suspension are also removed and the rest of the junk is sent to scrap car recycling.

Car Removal Auckland

Car Removal Auckland

Why Choose Cash for Cars Auckland?

Cash for Cars Auckland  is located in Eastern Side of Auckland. We have been providing best service since 2005 we have 10 years of customer handling experience. If you are having stress about your scrap car, unwanted car or old cars and the main issue is that your junk car takes more space in your garage or lawn?

Don’t worry, you have to just make us a call or hassle free submit your vehicle detail online by filling out the request a free Quote forms in your right hand side now and get our online booking services and we will come to the location of your junk car.

Cash for Cars Auckland Compnay is working hard to provide you the best service for your unwanted scrap car removal. We are offering excellent and absolutely FREE car removal service.

We provide the fastest, safest and easiest car removal service anywhere in Auckland and even you don’t have to pay any extra charges you have come to the right place you only need to make one single call and our services is 24/7.

car removal auckland

Car Removal Auckland

Free Car Removal Anywhere in Auckland

Our Cash for Cars Auckland team is ready to come to anywhere in Auckland to provide you absolutely FREE Car removal service in Auckland from your location.

The condition and model doesn’t matter, we will buy it! The best thing about us is that we have free car removal service for different kind of vehicle like trucks, vans, Nissan, SUVs, Hyundai, Ute, 4wds and many others make and models and providing FREE towing to your unwanted junk car, you don’t have to pay extra charges for the towing.

Cash for Cars Auckland Team can collect scrap, unwanted, old, accidental and junk cars and then we pay you instant cash for your vehicle.

When we tow your junk car to our garage we remove all the dangerous fluids such as oil, antifreeze and air conditioning gases where applicable as well as any petrol or diesel fuel that remains, we do all of this using a process that is industry approved, safe and environmentally friendly, after that the engine and transmission is removed, the suspension and tyres are also removed and then the body is crushed in our own on site car crusher and sent to the scrap recycling facility in Auckland…

Car Removal Auckland

Car Removal Auckland


Top Cash for Cars at the spot

Cash for Cars Auckland is one of the top cash paid company for your scrap cars removal in Auckland. Our Car removal services team will come to your place and they will pick your vehicle up and pay you top cash around $9999 right at the spot that mean you will get the price at your place.

We are not only removing or recycle your unwanted car we offer best prices for your scrap car at any condition.

Cash for Cars Auckland pays you top cash for your unwanted, junk or even accidental cars. We directly come to the accidental place and remove your car and pay you top cash for it at the spot you don’t have to wait anymore. We have a team of expertise car and vehicle removal staffs who may across all your needs in a professional way giving out a complete vehicle and junk car removal services in Auckland.

Cash for Cars Auckland  also pay you instant Cash at the spot itself on buying your car. Sell your unwanted junk have top cash for it!

Get a Free Cash Quote Now / why choose us

You don’t want to waste your day going to car auction yard or getting your junk to a garage or it doesn’t need any repairing anymore our Cash for Cars Auckland team also provide you 24/7 online service you can get online booking or you may submit our online quote form about the details of your car and get cash quote now. Call us now and get rid of your vehicle right away.