Salvage Car Removals

In general, a vehicle is deemed “salvage” when the insurer determines that the repair or replacement cost is in excess of approximately 70% of its market value at the time of the accident or theft.

Because a salvage title can be issued to a vehicle with easily repairable problems or no damage whatsoever, the low cost of the salvaged motorcycle or car is appealing to some hobbyists and investors. Experts recommend caution when purchasing a salvaged vehicle, because there may be hidden damage, which, if unrepairable, may render the vehicle a “pile of parts.”

Vehicles which carry a salvage title may not be registered and driven on public roads in most countries, which impacts resale value.

That is why we at car wreckers Auckland are the experts in Salvage Car Removal. We are just a call away so feel free to give us a call any time that is convenient to you and we will have your vehicle picked up and towed away in no time.

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Wrecked Car Removal

A wrecked yard is a recycling centre that buys and sells scrap metal. Wreck yards are effectively a scrap metal brokerage. A Wrecking yard is a place where wrecked vehicles that are of no use and that are inoperable are kept.

We at We Pay Cars for Cash NZ ensure that we provide our customers their money’s worth service in a very professional manner and efficiently.

Our team members are experienced, reliable, honest that provides our customers with service that leaves a smile on the face and thus makes us highly recommended in NZ.

Find out what makes us one to the best and trusted Car Removal in NZ by giving us a call today or by bringing your vehicle directly to us.

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Free Car Removal

We Pay Cash for Cars NZ provide an efficient car removal service, giving their customers the convenience of getting rid of their old vehicles in minimum time and most of all for FREE.

We at We Pay Cash for Cars provide services that include, FREE pick of your vehicle from the location provided and the assurance that the vehicle will be handled in an appropriate manner.

We offer Free Car Removal service in order to get eliminate your Unwanted, Damaged, Salvaged or Wrecked Car.

We believe in putting you, the customer, first in everything that we do. That’s why we’ll come to you and collect your old car at a time that suits you. Our team are highly trained in customer service and communication – so when we make a promise, we keep it!

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Car Disposal NZ

If you want to scrap a car in Christchurch or want a NZ car scrap business or if you just want to find out more about car scrap dealers and the services we offer then call us today! We will offer you free and impartial advice and chat with you through the possibilities.

If your car is giving you a lot of trouble or it has suffered a mechanical failure or your car needs to be disposed of for any other reason then we can carry out this service for you in a professional and specialist manner

We operate a business which is committed to great customer service and we are quick to respond to calls, aiming to carry out car disposal within 48 hours of call wherever we can.

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Damaged Car Removals

Your car may be damaged in different ways: This can include interior damage i.e. stains to cloth, damaged leather, scuffs and scratches to the steering wheel and dashboard. Also exterior damage e.g. dents and scratches to the body, damaged paintwork, and tyre wear etc. The damage may simply be caused by neglect, road traffic accidents or just old age. The good news is that even if your car is not in the best condition you are still able to sell your damaged car to us. Just remember when filling out our free car valuation forms to try and declare your damage in as much detail as possible.

We buy all damaged vehicles

wrecked Toyota in Auckland 

wrecked Suzuki in Auckland

wrecked Nissan in Auckland

wrecked Mazda in Auckland

wrecked Mitsubishi in Auckland

wrecked Honda in Auckland


The damage you enter will not impact the guide price we offer to you. This will be considered during your appointment where we will always carry out a full on-site appraisal. We believe an on-site appraisal is fairer for both parties rather than an automated system mainly because the perception of damage and repair costs may differ from what is actual.


It really should go without saying, if your cars bodywork is in excellent condition the value of your car will be much higher than one with dents and scratches.


If your vehicle has been involved in a motor related accident and you decide that you want to sell your car, you may be asking yourself the question ‘who will buy my car?’ We at Pay Cash for Cars will offer you a fair price for your vehicle subject to an on-site appraisal. Simply request a valuation using our website, answering all questions truthfully and in as much detail as possible.


For further information and enquiry please call We Pay Cash for Cars at 0800 800 425

Utes/Trucks/Van Removals

Do you have a Ute/ Truck/ Van sitting in your yard or driveway that’s seen better days? If your vehicle is past its prime or beyond the point of no return, you can make some extra cash by selling it to a scrap yard.

We at We Pay Cash for Cars specialize in junk car removal in Christchurch NZ, and we’ll buy any vehicle, no matter the make, model or mileage.

In a hurry to get the car off your hands? Whether you need to get rid of the vehicle next week or in one day, we offer fast service that you can depend on!

When carrying out vehicle disposal it is important to do so in a professional and reliable manner and in a way which sees your scrap car or scrap van destroyed in a competent and qualified way. That is why we at We truck wreckers Auckland provide the best service for your Utes/ Trucks/Van Removal, and are just a call away.

For further information and enquiry please call We Pay Cash for Cars at 0800 800 425

Scrap Car NZ

It’s really important that you use a reputable car wreckers company like ours when you decide you no longer want your old car. We buy all Vehicles, running or non-running, regardless of age or condition. You will be pleased to know that our professional team are also very informative, we know everything there is to know about car scrapping, so, if you have any questions regarding the process of scrapping your car, cashing in your car tax, or help with transferring your number plate, we can guide you in the right direction.

We know how important the legalities of scrapping a car are to you, therefore we follow all the correct procedures when we scrap your car. We cash for cars Auckland care about the environment that`s why we are passionate about scrapping/disposing of cars that are no longer friendly when it comes to emissions. Scrap your car today; tell us your car registration to get the best price for scrapping in your car.

For further information and enquiry please find below:

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