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Thanks buddy really  i was trying to put all my old metals and my old cars to metal recycling company. I have found in GOOGLE a company that they said they will take away my scap metals and they will charge for that 350 dollars. I could not affored that much. I looked more  in gumtree and in google but from google i have found this guys and they are doing a freaking great job. I have made call and i said what should i do. They offered me $200 dollars and they will come to my place and pick up for free. If you think i liked their services then your are worng i loved their serivices. Thanks Guys for Cash for Cars Services..

 By Rinazas Binkivalov From Auckland

Really great! I have earned $3000 dollars for my unwanted cars in Auckland. I got really fast services. Thanks you for your Cash for Cars Services.

By Hassan Ibrahimzada From Auckland, New Zealand

This Idea really came to my girlfriends mind. I mean how on earth could possible able be free cash for cars services. I really found many websites but this compnay have offered my highest cash for my unwanted cars…!

By Peter Sramnodei From Auckland, New Zealand

Hello Everybody Thanks for You Cash for Cars Services!……

By Dimitry Kuchanko From Auckland

Thanks for Cash!

Really I think you are guys the best!

By Preter Strike From Auckland

I think you should fire that tow truck driver. The way he looked at i was afraid that he will eat me alive. Please next time do not send that guy to pick up your cars from your clients. He name was James or something with long hair. To you admit i will recommend my friends for doing a great job. Really helpfiull and user-friendly Cash for Cars Services.

By Sarah Alexander From Auckland

Thanks for Cash. Cash for Cars Services is Really Helpfull I have got 500 dollars for my old toyota.

By Yamaha SingPing From Auckland

My Names is Jackie Sung and i have to say that your are quite helpfull to our country. I think you should let everyone use your cash for cars services at least they should know that how much their unwanted cars worth.Thanks to Cash for Cars Services.

By Neyum Leano From Auckland

Hi There My Name is Natalie Smith and i am from Flat Bush, Auckland. I am glad to share my point of view about this car removal service and i am highly satisfied with the cash they offer for my old scrap car. I got $500  for my old scrap car. I highly recommend.

By Natalie Smith From Auckland, New Zealand

Hello Guys. My Name is Steven Smith and I live in east Auckland.  I had minivan and it was malfunctioning every day. I had many problems every day I was repairing and there was no advantage of my scrap car. I was trying to find free car removal and I found these guys. I called them and they asked me a few things about my vehicles and they offered me $600 cash. I told them I am only free on Sundays and they agreed. I just can’t solve my problem without you guys. Thank you guys!!

By Steven Smith form East Auckland


Hey there, my name is Casey Carter and I live in Auckland New Zealand. Once I and my friends planned to go for long drive it was fun and great until in the middle of the way suddenly my car stopped and we tried to fix it but it was useless and it was quit far away from the town. So I tried to call repairing service they were was no respond and we have waited for a long time then I tried to search on Google any towing service and I found scrap car removal. Scrap car removal provide me fast service and the best thingabout them  they gave top price for my junk car. Thanks to Cash for Cars Services and thank you and thumbs up for you guys!…  😉

By Casey Carter From North Auckland

Fabulous job Scrap car removal or junk car removal your website is very easy to understand and it can convince people to sell their junk car for top price!

By John Samson from North Shore  New Zealand

I needed my old Truck off our lawn because the landlord was keep giving me trouble, but you were the only company that could do it on Saturday..thanks a lot Scrap car removal! Andrew Swift from North Auckland. Thanks to Cash for Cars Services.

by Andrew Johnaton  from North Auckland



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