October 31, 2018

Mitsubishi Car Wreckers

mitsubishi cash for cars

Top Cash For Any Mitsubishi Vehicle

Scrap Car Removal pay cash for any Mitsubishi vehicle, no matter what make, model or condition. We also offer free removal from anywhere in Auckland. Our services are now extending to the suburbs of Auckland trying to cover entire New Zealand. Scrap car removal buy any Mitsubishi models, dead or alive cars, trucks, vans, Utes and 4WD. We will buy your Mitsubishi vehicle whether it is, running or not, registered or not, it is junk and rusty, or even if it is been in an accident. Scrap car removal is the largest specialists of Mitsubishi auto parts.  We deal in all types of parts of Mitsubishi, supply them, buy and sell them.

No. 1 Mitsubishi Wreckers

Scrap car removals are the largest Mitsubishi car wreckers specialists in Auckland. We tow away the wrecked Mitsubishi cars and give you good price for the same. Our team will help in determining the genuine valuation for your Mitsubishi car and will fill your pockets via towing away the scrap car. We also deal in Mitsubishi auto parts. So, if you’re looking for Mitsubishi parts in Auckland or Mitsubishi parts New Zealand; Scrap car removals have a great range of Mitsubishi car parts and Mitsubishi spares.

Best Mitsubishi Wreckers Auckland

Our Mitsubishi specialists are having good experience and vast knowledge about the brand, cars and the parts. So, if you have any doubts or you need any questions or need advice regarding your Mitsubishi vehicle, you can have a chat with us. If you are facing any problems with your Mitsubishi vehicle, let us have a look at it. We are the specialists for Mitsubishi car wreckers Auckland. There are chances that we have already experienced the problem before and have a solution for you.

We Wreck All Mitsubishi Models

We have an open door policy when it comes to taking the entire Mitsubishi models as we buy all of them. This includes such models as the Lancer, Vantage, Sigma and FTO etc.  If you can think of any other models, then yes, we do buy those models as well; you do not have to panic. We are having no partiality in buying and wrecking the specific and selected models. We take all the models in any condition and will give you cash.


We pay at the time of pickup in the form of cash. If the vehicle is in your name and you have photo ID we will pay with a cheque, which is cashable at any national bank with presentation of a photo ID. If the vehicle is not in your name or you do not have photo ID then we will pay you with a cheque made out to your name that you should bank.

To check the status of your sale, log into your account, or call one of our customer service representatives at our toll free number. We are always there to help you with the car removal protocols and procedures.

We will leave these with you. Return them to any automobile centre. Once you return these number plates to the AA centers, you will receive a registration refund.

Don’t worry about it. We provide all the paperwork transferring ownership and making the sale totally legal for you ensuring your satisfaction.

Your valid identification (valid DL, passport etc) title of your vehicle, documents of your vehicle.

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