October 24, 2018

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy is the utmost priority for Scrap Car Removal and we could go lengths for retaining it. The privacy policy deals with the information that is collected from the customers any time round the clock. These privacy policies ensure the customers that their details are in safe hands. It denotes our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing the collected information. Kindly read this piece carefully to review about our policies and practices regarding your information and our safeguarding tactics.

Strategic Relation

There may also be times when we share your information with our peers and market advisors just to maintain a good and healthy strategic relationship. We provide these companies you’re your data so that they could do the statistical and analytical research and surveys. Such companies are under strict policies regarding not to share our customers information with any other competing or rising firm.

However, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally 100% secure. Sometimes the third parties also keep a track of your surfing and customers’ page clicks, thus extracting their information through numerous fraud methods. But we are abiding by the fact that we would not disclose the customers’ information.

Information Collection

There are several methods through which the users’ information may allow us to provide better service, such as speaking with a representative on the telephone, setting any appointments, filling the online form, participating in any online survey, registering or purchasing a product or service. We may collect the information with respect to user activities on the internet, the content of his interest and kind of surfing he does to get the broader vision of his interests. In these situations, we may collect users’ personal information such as name, email address, phone number, vehicle registration number, photographs and contact details with respect to residential address.

Log Information of Server

Like any other site, we also collect the basic details with respect to your visit on our site. When you visit any site and you disclose certain information about yourself, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, content of your interest, the time of your visit, and the referring location. Information liked the page views, clicks while visiting any website.

We have access to this information:

  1. Directly from you when you provide it:
  • either through filling the forms on our website
  • registering to use our Website or Service while you create an account on our website for using our services
  • when you register, after you heard from friend or colleague just to know more about our website and services
  • When you file your details to use the services, to get call from us regarding any query and to know about the price quotation.
  • subscribing to one of our services including email communications
  • speaking with our representatives over the telephone
  • when you provide personal information to us through feedback, surveys, or other forms provided on our Website
  • interacting with our representatives through the Website
  • submitting the vehicle information or photographs
  • by using our Services. When you continue to remain in touch with us and be our permanent customers.
  • Additionally, there are several websites where we can collect the information about you where you have shared your information with our competitors or acquaintances.
  1. Directly from talking over the phone when you speak with our customer service representative including when you provide personal information for verification purposes, for using the Services, and recordings of your calls.
  2. Axiomatically through IP address, web beacons, cache files and cookies while customers navigate through our website.
  3. From third parties whom we give commissions for providing referrals to our Website or from charity partners who monetize the vehicles you may have donated to them by using our Services.

Information regarding our page and service visitors

We consider users privacy should remain at the peak as we do not share or sell customers information with other competitors or acquaintances.  For ensuring the high security of the users data, we ask the legal persons to safeguard the information as per the privacy policy rules.  

Cookies and Cache files

We may use multiple tools like “web beacons” and “cookies” to recognize you as the interested customer in our services plus your access privileges on our website, as well as to trace website usage. A cookie is a piece of information that is sent to your web browser from a website that gets stored on your computer’s hard drive. A web beacon is a small electronic file that is embedded in a web page or email, which automatically allows checking surfed content by the user. These entities allow us to know about the number of  page views and page clicks along with website traffic which includes new and previously visited customers to know more about their area of interest and content. So, each time you return to our website, we are able to identify you as a previous customer.

Protection of our user

We considers all the preventive measures including the technical, and administrative to ensure safety of the customer data against theft, piracy, copywriting, loss and misuse, alteration, disclosure and destruction. Users are provided with monthly reminder of changing their passwords and not to share the existing passwords with anybody. We use software that enables the encryption and safety of user’s data and personal info. Users are given passwords for logging in to our website and further using it for a good length of time.

Dedicated to users privacy

To ensure that our users’ information is secure we communicate our privacy policy directly and are strict in enforcing privacy safeguards within our company. Additionally, we support certain privacy rights that do not allow the customer information to be leaked or misused. Our users can find that we are a part of the multiple programmers that deals with privacy policy of users and also deals with corrupts that are indulged in piracy and misusing of the users info. We encourage our users to learn about the privacy policies of our company so that you can rely on us for the future as your future lies in the safe hands.

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