October 31, 2018

Scrap Car Removal Auckland

scrap car removal auckland

We are not partial towards any specific car brand or condition. Whether it is scraped or old, we take it all. We are the prominent and promising dealers in scrap car removal services. Our services are open and will be available 24*7. Our free Scrap Car Removal system is available 24 hours a day, so there is never a time that is inconvenient to have your vehicle removed. We are able to put cash in your pocket, even if your vehicle is rusted out, broken in pieces and appears to be completely useless.

Sell your scrap car Get Top Cash

Sell your scrap car instantly with scarp car removal. There is an easy and effective way to interact with us to sell your scrap car and get paid for the same. Our team of experts will evaluate your car once you call us to see your car condition. We are #1 for cash for scrap cars Auckland. We take every model in any condition. Once you accept the offer, we will approach you within 24 hours to tow away your scraped car and give you money for your scraped car.

Free pick up and towing services

Some companies have the hidden charges involved in the form of pick up and towing charges. They fool their customers by adding those charges thus cutting from the total amount that has to be paid. Scrap car removal have the strict policy of following the rules and give the utmost satisfaction to the customer. We offer instant and free pick up for your damaged and dull scrapped SUV/Car/ Truck and asks you no hidden charges. There will be no extra hidden cost involved in the deal.  Our team will come to your place to pick up the vehicle and tow it in the towing truck. Other than auckland, it is also popular for scrap car prices nz. You can call us at our registered mobile number any time during the day or even in night.

Our procedure is simple to understand and follow


You are requested to call the customer care executive or you can do online chatting with us to call our appraisers to evaluate your car.


If you think that we are giving you the actual worth of your scrap car, you can fix the day and date of towing of your car.


We will come to your place, doing all the paperwork. You do not have to worry about the paperwork; our team will help you out in the paperwork.


After signing all the papers, we will tow your scrap car and will fill your pockets with liquid cash.


We can remove any kind of vehicle, whether it is a car, ute, van, truck, tractor, motorbike or farm machinery. You can our team to give the exact details about your vehicle and we are there to remove it. Also, you can give the info on free quote about your vehicle

If what you describe to us is what we see when we collect your vehicle, then we will absolutely guarantee our price. There is no doubt that you will get what you are promised.  To get a quote, call our friendly team on the registered or given number on our website. We are happy to help you.

Yes. Your parking tickets will not prevent you from having your unwanted vehicle removed. Parking tickets are related to your DL, and are your responsibility to pay off. It is totally o you when you want to pay those parking tickets.

Typically, Scrap Car Removals can provide car owners selling their cars to us within a few hours of their accepting our cash quotes. We try to approach you within 24-48 hours once you talk to us.

Scarp Car Removals make instant cash payments at the time they remove the car. You will be paid on the spot in liquid cash once be load your vehicle in our towing truck.

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