Why is it bad to keep old cars with you?


Cost of driving an old car comes with many issues like financial issues, safety checks, insurance pay checks, repairs, etc.  Whenever monthly used car maintenance expenses exceed an estimated monthly limit or budget, you feel like selling it or buying the new one with better features and less maintenance cost.   Some of these key points explain why it is bad to keep an old car with you.

Financial crisis

The financial crisis of keeping an older model comes with one most important thing in contemporary world i.e. Cost. Good amount of money that would be requiring maintaining and running the old car.  There are many financial issues like monthly insurance payments, maintenance of the old car, etc. They keep on increasing with time as your old car gets older and older. An old car produces lot of pollution that is not good for the environment.

Safety Concerns

Not only are there multiple financial crisis, but there are also other things to consider, like safety features and professional demands. Some people use safety as a reason to buy a new vehicle, regardless of cost savings or an added expense. Newer vehicles are equipped with safety features; older cars are not equipped with those. Older cars are pollution creating and are more prone to accidents as all their parts got old with time including batteries, engine and tyres.

Car insurances

You have to be ready for any bad situations, like accidents or car thefts. At that time you require insurance in favor of your old car to keep it with you for longer. But that is adding up to spending some extra bucks from your pocket to take the insurance and renew it again and again.

DIY Repairs: Time taking and labor intensive

If you don’t want to spend that much money maintaining the car from any auto centre, and want to do it yourself, then also these Do It Yourself repairs are time taking and labor intensive affair.  Time taking as in the phrase of “you need a pair of gloves, some stands, a willingness to get a little dirty and perhaps sweat a bit” for maintaining it.


Underestimating even one of these factors could lead you to be in wrong pit of spending additional amount. However, if you’re spending more to maintain your old car, you will probably want to dump that old car or sell that one to the car buyers or car removals. After all, it is not at all possible that the maintenance and repair costs are going to decrease as the car ages. So, it’s better to dump your scrap car as soon as possible. Call Scrap Car Removals at 0800 909 070 and get the online free quote to dump your junk or old car and get top cash for it. You can get $8999 for best condition old car.

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